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Livia Tonin

Tonin 13.jpg

Livia Tonin

- Transcrizione/Transcription (English) 

- Astratto/Abstract (Italian)

- Galleria di Foto/Gallery of Photos 

Giovanni Giardino


Giovanni Giardino

- Trascrizione/ Transcrription (Italiano)

- Astratto/ Abstract (Italiano)

- Galleria di Foto/ Gallery of Photos

Bruna and Elio Santi


Bruna and Elio Santi

- Astratto/Abstract 

- Transcrizione/Transcription 

Rosolino Cescon

Cescon 1.png

Rosolino Cescon 

- La Storia di Ross/ The Story of Ross

- Astratto/Abstract 

- Galleria di Foto/Gallery of Photos 

Famiglia Binotto

Binotto 1 .jpg

Famiglia Binotto

- Introduzione/Introduction

- La Famiglia/The Family 

- Rino Binotto

- Pierina Carrer 

- Identità/ Identity

- Legacy 

- Amore e Matrimonio/ Love and Marriage

- Rappresentazione Artistica/ Artistic Representation 

- Processo di Selezione delle Photo/ Process of Selecting Images

“Both [Rino] and [Pierina] grew up in a time when the war caused challenges and poverty for their families. However, they had many stories from their childhoods—usually using humour to get through the hardships. Their experiences gave them the courage to make their way in a new country. While they both had traditional upbringings, they were both working, hands-on parents. They missed their families dearly, but they also learned that they could ‘never go back’, especially after visiting Italy years afterwards. They never lost their love for the beauty and more sociable lifestyle that they left behind.” – Ornella 

Riccardo Gazzola


Riccardo Gazzola

- Introduzione/ Introduction

- Casa Lontana da Casa/ A Home Away from Home

- Educazion/ Education 

- Leadership

- Interview video with Riccardo Gazzola

- Un'esperienza che ispira/ An Inspiring Experience 

- Storia Orale/ Oral History 

- ICAP 2018. Calgary, Alberta: A Stranger at Home

Ines Cecchetto

- Estratto/Abstract 

- Transcrizione/Transcription 

- Galleria di Foto/Gallery of Photos 

** This is a test exhibit for in class use only**

Joe Maggio

Domenica 2.jpg

Joe (Rocco) Maggio 



   Intervista/ Interview

   Galleria di Foto/Gallery of Photos 

   Documenti/ Documents 

   Artifatti/ Artifacts 

   Le Storie/ The Stories 

   Reflessione/ Reflection 

A story of immagration to Canada. This exhibit will explore one family's immigration story as told by the eldest sibling.

Antonio and Gelsomina Bucci


Gelsomina e Antonio Bucci

Astratto di Gelsomina/ Gelsomina's Abstract 

- Transcrizione di Gelsomina/ Gelsomina's Transcription 

- Astratto di Antonio/ Antonio's Abstract 

- Transcrizione di Antonio/ Antonio's Transcription 

- Astratto della famiglia Bucci/ The Bucci family's Abstract 

- Galleria di Foto/Gallery of Photos 

- Reflessione/ Reflection 

Interviews with Antonio and Gelsomina Bucci on their lives both separately and together, and their transitions from Italian to Canadian life.

Interviews conducted by their loving grandaughter.

Ladi Furlani

Young pciture of Ladi  (2).jpg

Ladi Furlani 

- Astratto/Abstract 

- La Vita di Ladi Furlani Prima del Canada/The Life of Ladi Furlani Before Canada

- La Vita di Ladi Furlani nel Canada/ The Life of Ladi Furlani in Canada 

- Transcrizione/Transcription 

- Galleria di Foto/Gallery of Photos