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Livia Tonin

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"But for me it was a paradise here (Canada), and after that I never cried because I was here. I never cried. A lotta people cry. “Oh far away, da da da” I never cry, I was happy all the time with my husband." 

Giovanni Giardino


-Sentivi la mancanza d’Italia?-

 "ah, e tutt’ora sempre pero ormai i figli sono grande qua.. che dovrai? Vado per bene là a fare una passeggiata, una visita, mia sorella, mio fratello, pero qua è la terra, la casa nostra, si può dire ormai."

Bruna and Elio Santi


Elio (having just come to Guelph from Italy): "this guy was there, he was boarding there, and I hear this voice, and I say to myself "I know this voice", but I didn't know who he could be. So he came down the stairs, there were two floors, he came down and we see each other. We know each other from home."

Bruna: "He find all the neighbourhood from back home."

Rosolino Cescon

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Ogni giorno era una cosa nuova, e la lingua ci dava un po` di svantaggio. Ma noi non ci siamo fermati.

Famiglia Binotto

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“Both [Rino] and [Pierina] grew up in a time when the war caused challenges and poverty for their families. However, they had many stories from their childhoods—usually using humour to get through the hardships. Their experiences gave them the courage to make their way in a new country. While they both had traditional upbringings, they were both working, hands-on parents. They missed their families dearly, but they also learned that they could ‘never go back’, especially after visiting Italy years afterwards. They never lost their love for the beauty and more sociable lifestyle that they left behind.” – Ornella 

Riccardo Gazzola



"Se possono farlo loro, perché non posso io?"

"Ero troppo testardo per dire che non potevo farlo."

Ines Cecchetto


se me avessi detto che farei quello che ho fatto, non ti avrei creduto per niente.”

** This is a test exhibit for in class use only**

Joe Maggio

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"We grew up here (Canada), were growin up here. We went to school, tried to go to school. Me I fell through the cracks. But then I, I persevered. I worked, worked construction, I worked many jobs. I learned, I learned about hard work, I learned the meaning of it."

A story of immagration to Canada. This exhibit will explore one family's immigration story as told by the eldest sibling.

Antonio and Gelsomina Bucci


-Did you want to go back?- (to Italy)

Gelsomina: "Uh in the first time I didn’t like at all to stay here but, and then it was okay."

Antonio (whispering jokingly): "She met me…"

Interviews with Antonio and Gelsomina Bucci on their lives both separately and together, and their transitions from Italian to Canadian life.

Interviews conducted by their loving grandaughter.

Ladi Furlani

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-So you were enjoying life in Canada then? Were you missing Koper?-

"Well you miss it because – you see you don’t miss the lifestyle because you leave home and you have to start living different and you almost forget... I had a good life, I still have a good life – so now that I have kids here I sold most of my land there... But yeah, I’m happy here, no regrets."